Monday, December 19, 2011

19 December 2011

Good Friends:

It’s a very busy time of year. We’re just off gathering with our families and friends to celebrate Thanksgiving, and the holiday season is upon us.

For me, that’s Christmas. Time to put up the tree, sneak off on occasion to walk through the stores, hoping that something I see will spontaneously strike me as a perfect gift for someone special. Holiday parties seem to come up every few days, both business and personal friends. Foods that I haven’t seen for a year, including the smorgasbord of cookies and fudges, candies and other special traditional recipes, come out.

It’s also the time to plan for my business in the coming year. How will my daily work change, with what new tools or market conditions? Is the market ripe for the wise investor looking to pick up another property, or will I see more people moving to a more perfect home? Facebook and LinkedIn, Twitter and blogging. What statistics are worth tracking? Letters. Calls. More research. Update my education. It all goes into the plan.

Most important, though, is to simply stop to do something very special and good. To think on the people who have made it all possible. To acknowledge the trust that people have placed in me. To honor the commitment I’ve made to them, and they to me, to help them find their homes and investments, and to make it all as good as it can be.

I’ve always said that home is not a little thing. It’s a very big thing. And being a part of your owning or selling your home is a very big thing to me.

It’s a very busy time of year. But at this very special time of the year, I thank you.

Have a wonderful holiday season.

Enjoy the day,
Mike Moger
Wright Kingdom Real Estate
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Friday, December 2, 2011

Real Estate Tales -- Jerry's story

Fact is, sometimes buying a home is harder than you expect. Hope you enjoy this true story about a client who struggled more than most. Good news is that he ended up buying the home.

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Mike Moger
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