Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Beautiful Craftsman Dakota Ridge single family home for sale

There's an old saying, "Buy the lesser expensive home in the neighborhood." Good move, because the more expensive homes will pull the value of the smaller houses up.

This home is a quality Green Built home by Markel in the Dakota Ridge neighborhood on the very far north end of Boulder, CO. Built in 2003, it's Craftsman beautiful, and has been maintained lovingly since then by one family.

Take a look at the video, and you'll agree that this one is a buy. If you want more information, the details on this home are here.

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Monday, April 25, 2011

Rent your next home, or buy a home in the Boulder area?

Loved this article on whether or not to buy a home sooner than later. Well written, and the facts and ideas are solid.

I never like to scare somebody into buying a home. It's just not right. But I have to give you some reality here.

Lending is getting more complicated. The federal government is looking to redefine what it calls a "Qualified Residential Mortgage", which looks to include the requirement for not less than a 20% down payment. If you fall outside the rules on this updated definition, your mortgage will me potentially much more expensive -- fees and interest rates, which lead to higher monthly payments -- and more paperwork to get approved in the first place. Sellers will be more cautious in accepting an offer from you, so your negotiating position may be compromised.

Interest rates are edging up. Most surveys of people considered experts in the field of lending show expectations on higher interest rates as the year moves on.

Home values look not to be decreasing in Colorado. The US is still showing some decreases, but those surveys from the experts are showing increases in the average market -- even in the country -- moving up. If you wait to buy, you may pay more.

Finally, as a Buyer, the COST of the home is more important than the PRICE you pay. The cost is made up of the monthly payments (see the notes on interest rates above), down payment (see the notes on down payments above), and the cost of securing financing (see the notes on financing fees above). The Seller needs the selling price. Beyond timing, nothing else matters to him or her. It just might make sense to pay full price for the right home, and you'll still come out ahead.

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Thursday, April 21, 2011

FasTracks update for the Denver region's planned commuter rail service

FasTracks is frustrating, I know, but in my opinion, well worth the hassle to make it happen. For some time, RTD (Regional Transportation District) has represented that, in spite of its best planning, the changes in the economic world around us has created a situation where the build out simply can't happen as planned.

I've always said, the greatest choreography will be upstaged every time by a single dancer falling headlong into the orchestra pit. In this case, the entire troupe took the leap.

The original plan was to have our portion of the commuter system from Central Station in Denver all the way up through Westminster, Broomfield, Louisville, Boulder and finally, Longmont, completed and running in 2017. It then started moving back, the discussion even included eliminating significant elements and areas of the greater plan. Now, it's a question as to whether or not it will be built in the coming decade or two. Even 2042 has been mentioned as a final completion date.

The solution, according to RTD, is to raise taxes. That's ok with me, as this is very much important, both in terms of economic strength of this region, and to the climate change issue. Let's get it done.

The current discussion is how much more to ask the voters to approve as a tax increase (the greater the increase, the more tax money that comes in more quickly, and the sooner we build out the system), and when to ask them. Times are hard right now for many voters, and asking for a hike in taxes is risking angering the taxpaying voters. That's a valid argument.

The options on the table for the level of increase are another .01% increase, .02%, .03% or .04%. We've been paying .04% since the original vote was approved, assuming the original schedule.

When to put it on the ballot is the other question.

Good news: RTD Board has announced that the decision will be made very soon now, and we'll finally know what's about to happen, at least as far as the timing of the vote and what the ballot will read. The following missive was received by a reliable source (Boulder Area REALTOR Association Governmental Affairs Director, Ken Hotard):

RTD Stakeholders,

For the past several months, the Regional Transportation District has been evaluating and reviewing a variety of information related to the potential pursuit of a sales tax increase to finish the FasTracks program sooner rather than later. Throughout this process, we have reached out to citizens across the eight-county district for feedback, sought input from our regional partners and examined a number of national and regional economic indicators to help the RTD Board make a decision on whether to pursue a ballot initiative in 2011.

While the RTD Board of Directors had tentatively scheduled to make that decision on May 3, the Board has decided to move up that decision date to Tuesday, April 26 with a Special Board Meeting at 5:30 p.m. at RTD headquarters, 1600 Blake St. The Board will render a decision that evening, following a comprehensive presentation from outside economic and construction industry experts and RTD staff.

We offer our tremendous thanks and gratitude to everyone who has worked alongside us over the past several months. Whatever the Board decides, RTD looks forward to continuing to engage our regional partners in an open, transparent, collaborative process that ensures we collaborate as a united coalition in the full funding and completion of FasTracks.

Thank you for your continued interest in keeping FasTracks moving forward.

So there it is. April 26 of this year. We'll then know what the new choreography looks like for the early part of the show anyway.

How the final production turns out, we'll have to wait to see. The dancers may not even be on the stage for some time.

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