Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Thank you for your referrals

Good People:

I sell real estate for a living. As a businessperson in a marketplace, I’m very much different from retail storefronts or service providing corporations that set guidelines for me to follow. I don’t keep consistent office hours. I’m self employed as an independent contractor. Although I work at and with Wright Kingdom Real Estate, and I’m proud of it, as a salesperson, I’m on my own.

When I go to work, I do three things for my clients. I study the market constantly so that I can help a buyer find the right home at the right price and under the most beneficial conditions. For a seller, a significant amount of research will determine asking prices, market conditions, and those things that might help improve the chances to sell a home at a higher price and with fewer problems on the way to the closing table. I know how to find or market a home to the benefit of my client.

Secondly, once we’re under contract¸ I advise and help my buyer to secure the right mortgage loan, title insurance, survey, inspections, and whatever else she needs to be sure that surprises don’t make a wonderful home or investment purchase turn into a series of costly or troubling problems. Sellers will see me choreograph a closing so that the costs don’t exceed the benefits, that everyone is on the right track to close on time and without unexpected concerns that get in the way of securing a fair transaction for everyone, and that what happens when we close is what was intended to happen.

Finally, everything else. Some buyers need to find employment for a spouse, information about everything from climate to local laws, or entertainment in the community. Referrals to doctors, accountants, hardware stores and private schools are common. People call me to find out for estate planning purposes what the updated value of their homes might be. What’s happening on a certain issue on the city council or concerning a transportation issue? Where are interest rates, and is it a good time to refinance?

And oftentimes, they call to refer a friend or relative when he or she needs to move.

I want you to know that I’m here for you. If you have a friend who needs me, call me. If someone you know is moving to town, call me. If a relative is moving from Minneapolis to Albany, I can help. I commonly interview real estate brokers in other states, and even other countries, to help someone find the perfect professional who will work honesty and diligently to make a move happen. Finding the right professional people is critical on these major decisions.

If someone you know is moving into or out of the Front Range area, I’m happy to be that right professional. Call me anytime.

In one sense, I’m very much like that retail business or large corporation. I need to create my own business. In my past 25 years of experience, most of my buyers and sellers have come from you as referrals.

Thank you for that. It is the highest compliment a Realtor can receive.

Enjoy the day,