Monday, December 19, 2011

19 December 2011

Good Friends:

It’s a very busy time of year. We’re just off gathering with our families and friends to celebrate Thanksgiving, and the holiday season is upon us.

For me, that’s Christmas. Time to put up the tree, sneak off on occasion to walk through the stores, hoping that something I see will spontaneously strike me as a perfect gift for someone special. Holiday parties seem to come up every few days, both business and personal friends. Foods that I haven’t seen for a year, including the smorgasbord of cookies and fudges, candies and other special traditional recipes, come out.

It’s also the time to plan for my business in the coming year. How will my daily work change, with what new tools or market conditions? Is the market ripe for the wise investor looking to pick up another property, or will I see more people moving to a more perfect home? Facebook and LinkedIn, Twitter and blogging. What statistics are worth tracking? Letters. Calls. More research. Update my education. It all goes into the plan.

Most important, though, is to simply stop to do something very special and good. To think on the people who have made it all possible. To acknowledge the trust that people have placed in me. To honor the commitment I’ve made to them, and they to me, to help them find their homes and investments, and to make it all as good as it can be.

I’ve always said that home is not a little thing. It’s a very big thing. And being a part of your owning or selling your home is a very big thing to me.

It’s a very busy time of year. But at this very special time of the year, I thank you.

Have a wonderful holiday season.

Enjoy the day,
Mike Moger
Wright Kingdom Real Estate
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Friday, December 2, 2011

Real Estate Tales -- Jerry's story

Fact is, sometimes buying a home is harder than you expect. Hope you enjoy this true story about a client who struggled more than most. Good news is that he ended up buying the home.

Call me today.

Mike Moger
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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

We can help you -- No Matter Where You're Going

Sometimes -- I know it's hard to believe, but it's true -- people want to move out of Colorado. More commonly, they want to move into the area. Either way, I can help you buy or sell a home somewhere far away.

Wright Kingdom Real Estate is here for you, no matter the location you're leaving to come here, or where you're going, we can help you find the best Realtor in the marketplace anywhere in the world.

Call me today.

Mike Moger
Wright Kingdom Real Estate
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Monday, November 14, 2011

Innkeeping Opportunities

An innkeeper is a special person, and if it's in your blood, you just have to do it.

If you know someone who has told you that one day, he or she will own an inn, Bed and Breakfast or Lodge, know that you could help your friend realize that dream by simply calling me.

I currently have two Resort property opportunities on the market, one in Estes Park and the other in Pine, CO.

Call me for information. I'm happy to get you what you need.

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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Interest Rates -- How low can they go?

Interest Rates are lower today than they've been in history. It's time now to take advantage of the marketplace and lower your monthly payments. Details follow:

Time to act. Call me to sit down. There's no reason to continue to pay others more than you need. 303.859.4467 on my mobile to set a time.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Estes Park -- One of the top 25 vacation destinations in the US

Not surprising, but Estes Park showed up again as one of the top 25 vacation destinations in the US, according to TripAdvisor, a major travelers' advisory blog.

Just so happens that I have a listing there for someone who is looking to take advantage of that beautiful geography. I mean, if you're going to start a business, why not buy something that's proven, in an absolutely beautiful area of the Rocky Mountains, where visitors flock in by the thousands every year.

The Sunnyside Knoll Resort is an eighteen unit resort that offers visitors almost immediate access to Rocky Mountain National Park, accomodations in the form of cabins, duplexes, and motel suites, a game and recreation room, hiking, and so much more. You can walk to the downtown area to shop and eat, head into the Park itself, or just sit and wonder at just how nice a job God did when he made this world.

This walk-through video of one of the most well managed inns in the area will show you what I mean.

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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

5 Reasons You Should Consider Selling Now

Many people have been waiting for the right time to sell. Prices just aren't high enough right now, buyers haven't re-entered the market yet, the unemployment rate is still too high, I can get more next year. Really?

Selling a home or investment property is not a little thing -- it's a big thing. The decision on when and if should always be made based on the real data.

5 Reasons You Should Consider Selling Now is a good fly-over for the common sense position. Fact is, if you're a common sense kind of decisionmaker, you might know that now is not a bad idea.

Take a look. Call me with your questions or concerns.

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Beautiful Craftsman Dakota Ridge single family home for sale

There's an old saying, "Buy the lesser expensive home in the neighborhood." Good move, because the more expensive homes will pull the value of the smaller houses up.

This home is a quality Green Built home by Markel in the Dakota Ridge neighborhood on the very far north end of Boulder, CO. Built in 2003, it's Craftsman beautiful, and has been maintained lovingly since then by one family.

Take a look at the video, and you'll agree that this one is a buy. If you want more information, the details on this home are here.

Mike Moger, Broker Associate at Wright Kingdom Real Estate, can be reached at 303-541-1920 at the office, or on his mobile phone at 303-859-4467. Call today.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Rent your next home, or buy a home in the Boulder area?

Loved this article on whether or not to buy a home sooner than later. Well written, and the facts and ideas are solid.

I never like to scare somebody into buying a home. It's just not right. But I have to give you some reality here.

Lending is getting more complicated. The federal government is looking to redefine what it calls a "Qualified Residential Mortgage", which looks to include the requirement for not less than a 20% down payment. If you fall outside the rules on this updated definition, your mortgage will me potentially much more expensive -- fees and interest rates, which lead to higher monthly payments -- and more paperwork to get approved in the first place. Sellers will be more cautious in accepting an offer from you, so your negotiating position may be compromised.

Interest rates are edging up. Most surveys of people considered experts in the field of lending show expectations on higher interest rates as the year moves on.

Home values look not to be decreasing in Colorado. The US is still showing some decreases, but those surveys from the experts are showing increases in the average market -- even in the country -- moving up. If you wait to buy, you may pay more.

Finally, as a Buyer, the COST of the home is more important than the PRICE you pay. The cost is made up of the monthly payments (see the notes on interest rates above), down payment (see the notes on down payments above), and the cost of securing financing (see the notes on financing fees above). The Seller needs the selling price. Beyond timing, nothing else matters to him or her. It just might make sense to pay full price for the right home, and you'll still come out ahead.

Call me as you need. It's always good to know the facts, and a comfortable conversation in my office may open some doors for you.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

FasTracks update for the Denver region's planned commuter rail service

FasTracks is frustrating, I know, but in my opinion, well worth the hassle to make it happen. For some time, RTD (Regional Transportation District) has represented that, in spite of its best planning, the changes in the economic world around us has created a situation where the build out simply can't happen as planned.

I've always said, the greatest choreography will be upstaged every time by a single dancer falling headlong into the orchestra pit. In this case, the entire troupe took the leap.

The original plan was to have our portion of the commuter system from Central Station in Denver all the way up through Westminster, Broomfield, Louisville, Boulder and finally, Longmont, completed and running in 2017. It then started moving back, the discussion even included eliminating significant elements and areas of the greater plan. Now, it's a question as to whether or not it will be built in the coming decade or two. Even 2042 has been mentioned as a final completion date.

The solution, according to RTD, is to raise taxes. That's ok with me, as this is very much important, both in terms of economic strength of this region, and to the climate change issue. Let's get it done.

The current discussion is how much more to ask the voters to approve as a tax increase (the greater the increase, the more tax money that comes in more quickly, and the sooner we build out the system), and when to ask them. Times are hard right now for many voters, and asking for a hike in taxes is risking angering the taxpaying voters. That's a valid argument.

The options on the table for the level of increase are another .01% increase, .02%, .03% or .04%. We've been paying .04% since the original vote was approved, assuming the original schedule.

When to put it on the ballot is the other question.

Good news: RTD Board has announced that the decision will be made very soon now, and we'll finally know what's about to happen, at least as far as the timing of the vote and what the ballot will read. The following missive was received by a reliable source (Boulder Area REALTOR Association Governmental Affairs Director, Ken Hotard):

RTD Stakeholders,

For the past several months, the Regional Transportation District has been evaluating and reviewing a variety of information related to the potential pursuit of a sales tax increase to finish the FasTracks program sooner rather than later. Throughout this process, we have reached out to citizens across the eight-county district for feedback, sought input from our regional partners and examined a number of national and regional economic indicators to help the RTD Board make a decision on whether to pursue a ballot initiative in 2011.

While the RTD Board of Directors had tentatively scheduled to make that decision on May 3, the Board has decided to move up that decision date to Tuesday, April 26 with a Special Board Meeting at 5:30 p.m. at RTD headquarters, 1600 Blake St. The Board will render a decision that evening, following a comprehensive presentation from outside economic and construction industry experts and RTD staff.

We offer our tremendous thanks and gratitude to everyone who has worked alongside us over the past several months. Whatever the Board decides, RTD looks forward to continuing to engage our regional partners in an open, transparent, collaborative process that ensures we collaborate as a united coalition in the full funding and completion of FasTracks.

Thank you for your continued interest in keeping FasTracks moving forward.

So there it is. April 26 of this year. We'll then know what the new choreography looks like for the early part of the show anyway.

How the final production turns out, we'll have to wait to see. The dancers may not even be on the stage for some time.

Mike Moger, Broker Associate with Wright Kingdom Real Estate for more than eighteen years. Contact me at 303-541-1920 at the office, 303-859-4467 on my mobile, or email me at

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Thank you for your referrals

Good People:

I sell real estate for a living. As a businessperson in a marketplace, I’m very much different from retail storefronts or service providing corporations that set guidelines for me to follow. I don’t keep consistent office hours. I’m self employed as an independent contractor. Although I work at and with Wright Kingdom Real Estate, and I’m proud of it, as a salesperson, I’m on my own.

When I go to work, I do three things for my clients. I study the market constantly so that I can help a buyer find the right home at the right price and under the most beneficial conditions. For a seller, a significant amount of research will determine asking prices, market conditions, and those things that might help improve the chances to sell a home at a higher price and with fewer problems on the way to the closing table. I know how to find or market a home to the benefit of my client.

Secondly, once we’re under contract¸ I advise and help my buyer to secure the right mortgage loan, title insurance, survey, inspections, and whatever else she needs to be sure that surprises don’t make a wonderful home or investment purchase turn into a series of costly or troubling problems. Sellers will see me choreograph a closing so that the costs don’t exceed the benefits, that everyone is on the right track to close on time and without unexpected concerns that get in the way of securing a fair transaction for everyone, and that what happens when we close is what was intended to happen.

Finally, everything else. Some buyers need to find employment for a spouse, information about everything from climate to local laws, or entertainment in the community. Referrals to doctors, accountants, hardware stores and private schools are common. People call me to find out for estate planning purposes what the updated value of their homes might be. What’s happening on a certain issue on the city council or concerning a transportation issue? Where are interest rates, and is it a good time to refinance?

And oftentimes, they call to refer a friend or relative when he or she needs to move.

I want you to know that I’m here for you. If you have a friend who needs me, call me. If someone you know is moving to town, call me. If a relative is moving from Minneapolis to Albany, I can help. I commonly interview real estate brokers in other states, and even other countries, to help someone find the perfect professional who will work honesty and diligently to make a move happen. Finding the right professional people is critical on these major decisions.

If someone you know is moving into or out of the Front Range area, I’m happy to be that right professional. Call me anytime.

In one sense, I’m very much like that retail business or large corporation. I need to create my own business. In my past 25 years of experience, most of my buyers and sellers have come from you as referrals.

Thank you for that. It is the highest compliment a Realtor can receive.

Enjoy the day,

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Business Cycle

Good People,

It’s been a tough year. Unemployment still high, foreclosures up there where it could begin to affect home values, Washington in gridlock, and no matter how hard we try, we just cannot right now see the light at the end of the tunnel. I understand; I’m living in the same world.

I saw recently, though, a graphic that I wanted right away to send you, because I believe it’s necessary for us all to see it. We already know it, of course, because it’s common sense. But sometimes seeing it on the page is more impactful. Here it is:

What you see is the standard business cycle that every student learns in Business 101. Business happens in cycles, and this is the standard that we all live through. People are Optimistic, and continue to be until they get Excited and reach a point of Euphoria, where they’ll pay anything to play.

Then values, because they’re never sustainable, go down. We go through periods of Denial, Fear and Panic until we feel terrible about what’s happened.

Then, from a state of Despondency and Depression, we  
begin to see the light. We’re Hopeful that we’re beyond it all, and reach a place of Optimism, which is where we started in the first place.

Look more closely. Note that people who buy at Euphoria are risking the most. People who buy at the bottom of the cycle are buying at the Point of Maximum Opportunity.

That would be now. Interest rates are as almost as low as they’ve ever been in this country. Home values in the country have declined, even in Boulder County.

Something else. Where have people made money over the past ten years? Take a look:

Maybe it’s time to think about buying the home of your dreams. Maybe it’s time to think about buying some real estate for investment. The light at the end of the tunnel is coming.

Call me to talk. I’m always here for you.

Enjoy the day,

Mike Moger

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Interest Rates are critical

Good People:
Time for an update, and a conversation about what’s most important to you as a Buyer of a home.

Firstly, know that I understand clearly what my job is. As a Buyer, of course you want me to negotiate for you the lowest price for your new home, the closing schedule that meets your plans, and for there to be no glitches or rude surprises on the way to the closing table. I get that. But there’s more.

I know too that those are not the most important things to you. This is your home we’re talking about. Home is where you live your life. Home is that place on this planet where you feel the most secure. It’s that place to which you come after a hard day at work or play. It makes up the backdrop for all the memories your kids will take with them when they leave to go out into the world to find their own homes.

That’s a conversation we need have before we get in the car. But I also know that money will play a part. And negotiating the best financial deal is very important to you. It’s important to me, too.
That said, let’s talk about interest rates. Where are they today, and, best guess, where are they going? And why is that important?

Interest rates for awhile now have been historically low, bumping down around 4.00% on very good days. Until recently. Today, with a reasonable credit score and down payment, you can find about 5% on a 30-year mortgage. Stocks have been strong, which happens when companies and the buying public are feeling good. When that happens, the government starts to worry that those companies are going to increase the prices of what they sell. That’s called inflation, and the Federal Reserve will react by making business more costly and slow things down. We’re not there today, but we’re also a long way away from the Oh-My-God days of hoping the world doesn’t fall apart. For that reason, interest rates have increased.

Following is a graph of what’s happened recently:

Don’t wait for them to come down for you. Industry experts are showing a unanimous trend line to higher rates. Following is a best guess survey from the Mortgage Bankers Association, National Association of Realtors and one of the most reputable mortgage insurance companies in the industry:

Big deal. You just want to buy a home. How will an increase in interest rates get in your way?
You’re right. This is a big deal. Sellers will be very much impacted by the selling price of their homes. Buyers, on the other hand, should pay even more attention to their costs. Here’s why.

The cost of owning a home will start with the selling price, because in part, it will determine how much money you will borrow in the form of a mortgage. The amount of the mortgage and the interest rate will determine the monthly payments. The monthly payments will go on for years, so saving some money there will be compounded.

Following is a chart of possible monthly payments for someone who wants to borrow $400,000 on a new loan. If the interest rate is 4.50%, the monthly payment (principal and interest) will be $2026. If, however, the interest rate is just 1.00% higher at 5.50%, the payment is significantly higher at $2272/month. That’s a total cost to you of almost $3000/year on your payments.

Worse, if you wanted to keep your payment at the $2026/month level, you could do that, but you’d have to lower the amount you borrow to a bit less than $360,000. That’s a smaller mortgage by more than $40,000. Assuming you don’t want to bring an additional $40,000 to the closing table, you just gave up 10% of your home.

That’s a big deal. And that’s why interest rates are very important to you as a Buyer.

If you’ve been thinking about buying a home this year, either because you want a different home or for investment, or you know someone who has, we should get together to talk soon. I’m here for you.

Enjoy the day,
Mike Moger